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Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are able to provide a high computational parallelism that can be exploited to achieve high performance improvements in intensive data processing problems. In this paper our efforts were directed towards developing a PC cluster based on nodes that use FPGAs as co-processors. The target application is a floating-point(More)
The role of Eichhornia crassipes for removing pollutants from low strength sewage was evaluated in three pilot-scale constructed wetlands (CW): CW 1, planted with E. crassipes in a filter media; CW 2, unplanted, composed by filter media; and CW 3, composed by E. crassipes floating on the sewage. The operation was divided into three stages by varying the(More)
A new generation of Visual MODFLOW software represents an extendable framework for building a conceptual model independent of any particular numeric model. The ultimate goal is to have a conceptual model that could, without any changes, be translated into the simulator of the modeler’s choice such as MODFLOW, FEFLOW, ECLIPSE, analytical models, etc. The(More)
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