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Increasing numbers of women are seeking correction of labial hypertrophy for aesthetic and/or functional reasons. It is therefore important for plastic surgeons to become familiar with labioplasty surgical techniques. The authors review the history and current status of labioplasty surgery for practicing plastic surgeons, with particular emphasis on(More)
PURPOSE Describe a modified technique to increase nostril cross-sectional area using rib and septal cartilage graft over alar nasal cartilages. METHODS A modified surgical technique was used to obtain, carve and insert cartilage grafts over alar nasal cartilages. This study used standardized pictures and measured 90 cadaveric nostril cross-sectional area(More)
BACKGROUND The acute columellar-labial angle is associated with a long upper lip and can promote disharmony in the adult face. The different alloplastic or biologic materials used to correct this defect all have some disadvantages. OBJECTIVE The authors propose the concomitant treatment of the acute columellar-labial angle, associated or not with the(More)
A new algorithm is described that will rapidly produce restriction maps of cloned DNA fragments. Information concerning the vector is stored as a data file and used in constructing probable maps. As the program is based upon a permutation analysis it has two primary uses. First, preliminary restriction maps can be created from fragment length data as a(More)
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