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We propose a simple method for testing for a periodic signal in fMRI data where the hemodynamic response function is spatially varying with possibly different lags at different voxels. At each voxel, the test is based on the power of the spectrum at a frequency that matches the signal, divided by an estimator of the variance to produce a χ image with 2(More)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) during positron emission tomography (PET) is a novel technique for in vivo measurements of connectivity and excitability of the human cerebral cortex. Here we describe tools that allow investigators to position the stimulating coil over a target region and to verify the actual position of the coil after the study. The(More)
Introduction The aim of this paper is to extend the concept of scale space and multi-resolution analysis to rotation space, that is, rotating as well as scaling a Gaussian-shaped smoothing filter. Using random field theory, we have derived an accurate P -value for the rotation space maximum that allows us to detect non-isotropic signals of arbitrary scale(More)
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