M. Wirtz

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SUMMARY OpenMP was recently proposed by a group of vendors as a programming model for shared memory parallel architectures. The growing popularity of such systems, and the rapid availability of product-strength compilers for OpenMP, seem to guarantee a broad take-up of this paradigm if appropriate tools for application development can be provided. POST is(More)
BACKGROUND Both trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC) and transfusion strategies influence early outcome in hemorrhagic trauma patients. Their impact on late outcome is less well characterized. This study systematically reviews risk factors for TIC- and transfusion-associated multiple organ failure (MOF) in severely injured trauma patients. MATERIALS AND(More)
In clinical practice ratings by physicians and therapists are among the most frequently used assessment procedures. It is shown, which statistical measures should be used to assess the reliability of such ratings. Additionally, potential causes of insufficient reliability are presented. Improvement of rating quality may be achieved by rater training, which(More)
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