M Wickstead

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OBJECTIVE This paper discusses three cases of tracheal agenesis that presented within a six-week period to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. By reviewing the available literature on tracheal agenesis, the report aims to outline a protocol for future prenatal and postnatal management. METHODS A case series and a literature review. RESULTS(More)
Between 1974 and 1986, eleven of 114 patients undergoing trans-sphenoidal removal of pituitary tumours developed meningitis despite prophylaxis, usually with chloramphenicol. Nine patients had cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea and one died. A variety of pathogens was isolated, including enterobacteria, and four of the eleven were resistant to the antibiotics(More)
We present the case of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy (MSBP) in which the mother spat and placed blood in her child's ear, and videoed the result, in order to gain the attentions of the medical profession. This is the first case report of this kind and may represent a disturbing trend in the use of digital photography and video to support factitious(More)
Computed tomography is replacing contrast radiography as the method of choice in evaluating congenital posterior choanal atresia. Careful preparation of the patient, however, is necessary prior to the examination in order to obtain the maximum of information pre-operatively. We present patients with inadequate preparation and illustrate their misleading(More)
After resolution of conditions necessitating tracheostomy in children, decannulation may be extremely difficult and associated with significant morbidity. Endoscopy and radiography can identify anatomical abnormalities preventing decannulation. Physiological abnormalities are, however, more difficult to assess. A system has been developed whereby functional(More)
A case of piercing of the tympanic membrane, resulting in unusual consequences, is described. This is the first reported case of the long process of a dislocated incus resulting in trauma to the horizontal portion of a dehiscent facial nerve. Simultaneous depression of the stapes footplate resulted in a perilymph leak, but with delayed presentation.
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