M. Weinzweig

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Samples of hepatic portal blood derived from control rats and from animals ingesting chrysotile asbestos were examined for the presence of mineral fibers. Only fibrils (97% less than 1 micron) were detected in the blood samples of both control and chrysotile-exposed rats. Total fibril counts per milliliter of blood revealed that in 6 out of 15 of the(More)
Rats which have ingested a natural diet containing chrysotile asbestos (50 mg/day) both in the short (one week) and long term (5-15 months) show a statistically significant increase in the incorporation of [3H]-thymidine into DNA in the small intestine mucosa, colon and rectum, stomach and spleen and a significant decrease in the incorporation of this(More)
The model is desc r ibed in which the cho ice o f no t i ons out o f t h e p r i n c i p a l ( l ong te rmed) memory is determined by t h e i r connect ions w i t h the no t ions o f the c o n t o x t u a l ( s h o r t t e r m e d ) memory and by t h e importances of the no t ions at a c e r t a i n moment. A molecu la r compu te r is suggested as a p o s s(More)
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