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The mycobiota of pine nuts was investigated. In total, 1832 fungi belonging to 31 species and 15 genera (Ascomycota, 2; Zygomycota, 3; mitosporic fungi, 10) could be isolated. Cladosporium spp. dominated the mycobiota with 685 isolations followed by Phoma macrostoma with 351 isolations. Overall, 16 potentially mycotoxigenic species were present on pine nuts.
The concentration of extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) of 80 cereal grain samples of the German harvest 1995 was investigated. In addition to this, the total as well as the inherent mycoflora of two winter wheat and two winter rye brands which showed the highest EPS-concentration was detected on maltsalt agar (NaCl 5%). Surface disinfection with 1% NaOCl(More)
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