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All 38 minor canals in a limited area of the Gezira Irrigated Area were surveyed four times over a 2-year period to determine the aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation types found and their distribution. A more detailed 2-year study of the correlation between snail density and aquatic vegetation was carried out in 18 of these canals. A total of 22 different(More)
The endemicity (prevalence, intensity and incidence) of schistosomiasis mansoni and its patterns of transmission (focality, seasonality) were studied in five villages in the Managil irrigation scheme, Sudan. Marked differences between villages were observed in overall prevalence (33.3%-54.8%), intensity (77.3-135.0 eggs/g faeces), incidence (15.2%-57.9%)(More)
During this 14-month study, 128 765 Bulinus truncatus snails were collected from canals located near four villages in the northern part of the Gezira Irrigated Area, and were examined for patent trematode infections, by exposure to light. In all, 903 shedded cercariae, of which 424 were identified as S. haematobium, and one village, Bashagra, was the source(More)
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