M. Waqas Khalid

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Current business trends have an immense focus on the performance management of contingent work force. Almost all organizations hire contractual employees to support the core employees. So gauging the performance of contractual employees is an obvious requirement for the globalised organizations. In this paper, certain important facets which can contribute(More)
Enterprise resource planning is an emerging field that serves to integrate the complex business systems and their functioning thus contributing towards enhanced performance. The research is conducted to propose a research model that envisages the impact of certain external factors (Social factors adopted from Triandis model, work environment and(More)
Quality of the product depends on customer satisfaction which can be achieved by applying standards. Different standards have been reported in this literature that assist in improving Quality of products. The intent of each standard is to assure Quality in the processes and achieve a standard product. This research is the comprehensive survey of Standards(More)
This thesis is based on the following papers, which are referred to in the text by their Roman numerals. For each paper, the authors are ordered according to their individual contributions. In Paper I, and Paper II, the author has had the major responsibility of method development , its implementation, and write-up. While in Paper III, all other authors(More)
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