M. Waqas A. Khan

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The authors are current and former International Trade Analysts with the Office of Industries of the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). Office of Industries working papers are the result of the ongoing professional research of USITC staff and solely represent the opinions and professional research of individual authors. These papers do not(More)
We analyze the structure of the level sets of voltage gain and transducer power gain in two-port systems and based on the findings, present a semi-analytical method for finding the minimum values of these quantities as the port terminations vary in bounded rectangles in the complex plane. This provides a numerically efficient way to assess the impact of(More)
Since energy sources are limited and it has become our need to save as much energy as possible. In this scenario, Smart meter comes into the picture. A Smart meter captures unit consumed in a specific time frame, display results and consequently provide real time inputs to the billing unit. The use of such smart meters has been growing rapidly in recent(More)
We analyze a two-turns antenna to provide power wirelessly to 2&#x00D7;2&#x00D7;2 mm<sup>3</sup> cubic cortical implant. We present simulation of available power and voltage to the implant and assess the impact of a inserting a magnetic core in the antennas for further performance enhancement. We have fabricated the studied antennas and verified the(More)
In this paper we study the effect of magnetic core in both the implant and the external reader antenna and higher operational frequency of the implant for wireless passive Intracranial Pressure Monitoring (ICP). Implant and external reader antenna are inductively coupled. ICP can be monitored through the change of implant resonance frequency or external(More)
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