M. Waleed Shinwari

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This paper presents a comprehensive review of the ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) and its applications in biomolecular sensing and characterization of electrochemical interfaces. An introduction to the physics of field-effect transistors is presented, followed by a study of the properties of electrolytic solutions and electrolyte interface(More)
Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing trend towards miniaturization of both biological and chemical sensors and their integration with miniaturized sample pre-processing and analysis systems. These miniaturized lab-on-chip devices have several functional advantages including low cost, their ability to analyze smaller samples, faster(More)
This paper describes the theory and design of digital high-radix multiplier-dividers. The theory of high-radix division is extended to high-radix multiplier-dividers that can perform fused multiplication and division operations using a single recurrence relation. With the fused implementation of multiplication and division, the two operations can be(More)
In this paper, the energy states of electrons in a silicon nanowire are analytically calculated in the presence of a surface potential and an electric field, as in a nanowire field-effect transistor. The calculations are done for both partial and complete volume inversion and accumulation biasing conditions. Computations are performed for the <100> and(More)
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