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Two factors are necessary for an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) to be usable as dialysis access. It must have adequate blood flow, and it must have a size that will allow for cannulation. An AVF can remain patent in the face of relatively low blood flow. For effective dialysis, the AVF only has to deliver a blood flow that is marginally greater than the pump(More)
The purposes of this study were to: (i) provide contemporary estimates of the prevalence of abdominal obesity, as assessed by waist circumference (WC), in Canadian adolescents and adults; (ii) provide estimates of the prevalence of abdominal obesity within normal weight, overweight and obese body mass index categories and (iii) examine secular changes in(More)
We examined the Clostridium difficile infection rate and risk factors in an outpatient dialysis cohort. The Cox proportional hazard for developing C. difficile infection was significantly higher with high comorbidity index and low serum albumin level. Conversely, it was lower for patients who had frequent bloodstream and dialysis access-related infections.