M. W. Shields

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A new notation for specifying systems of concurrent processes sharing distributed systems of resources is introduced and the utility of the notation is demonstrated by defining novel, highly concurrent and distributed algorithms performing important operating system functions. The notation permits a clear and logical development of the algorithms from an(More)
Two factors are necessary for an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) to be usable as dialysis access. It must have adequate blood flow, and it must have a size that will allow for cannulation. An AVF can remain patent in the face of relatively low blood flow. For effective dialysis, the AVF only has to deliver a blood flow that is marginally greater than the pump(More)
Languages of string vectors and traces (congruence classes of strings) have been extensively used in the study of properties of path programs of Lauer and Campbell [8,13,14,9] and related systems [10]. They permit the dynamic properties of non-sequential systems to be expressed in an algebraic or linguistic manner. In this paper, we consider the(More)