M. W. Ruckman

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We present in situ neutron-reflectivity measurements of the hydrogen and deuterium absorption from the gas phase in a Pd/Nb/Pd thin film multilayer. Hydrogen and deuterium were both preferentially absorbed into the Nb layer at room temperature and at a pressure of 10 Torr. Genetic algorithm fits to the specular data indicate concentrations of approximately(More)
One hundred subjects (50 men, 50 women), of whom 80 had suffered a unilateral cerebrovascular accident (40 left, 40 right), were tested on the WAIS. In the case of left hemisphere damage the male patients showed lower Verbal than Performance Scale IQ scores; for the right brain damaged men Performance Scale scores were Lower than their scores on the Verbal(More)
Our original paper on the influence of the sex of the patients on the cognitive effects of unilateral brain damage mainly described the differences found between the various lesion groups (left/right, male/female) and said little about comparisons between these groups and our control subjects. Such comparisons are examined here; they confirm that the major(More)
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