M W Piekos

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The goal of this study was to compare mouse embryo development in a defined synthetic medium (human tubal fluid) against the same medium supplemented with a defined synthetic serum (SS), co-culture on human tubal epithelium (TECC), and culture on human fibronectin (FN) with and without SS. After 48 h, TECC, SS and FN + SS cultures demonstrated accelerated(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of induced endogenous hyperprolactinemia on the luteinization process, as expressed by the shift in the P:E2 ratio after hCG injection in IVF cycles. PATIENTS AND INTERVENTIONS Serum PRL, E2, and P levels were measured in 49 IVF patients (leuprolide acetate and hMG protocol) on the day of hCG injection. Estradiol and P(More)
In previous experimental studies on the pregnant ewe, umbilical arterial and venous waveform variations, produced by maternal aortic and umbilical cord occlusions of different degrees, were investigated in healthy fetuses (pH > 7.30). In our study, the fetal pH in 10 pregnant ewes was first brought down to below 7.20 with a preliminary series of maternal(More)
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