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A new model for multiple errors spelling correction is proposed. The model handles insert, delete, change, and transpose errors. In the new model, we put constraints on possible editing sequences to reflect the error occurrence phenomenon in spelling, resulting in an error measure different from the traditional editing distance error measure. Properties of(More)
The LCS problem is to determine a longest common subsequence (LCS) of two symbol sequences. Two algorithms which improve two existing results, respectively, are presented. Let m, n be the lengths of the two input strings, with m Q n, p being the length of the LCS, and s being the number of distinct symbols appearing in the two strings. It is shown that the(More)
In this paper, we shall show that the symbolic Gray code hashing mechanism is not only good for best matching, but also good for partial match queries. Essentially, we shall propose a new hashing scheme, called bucket-oriented symbolic Gray code, which can be used to produce any arbitrary Cartesian product file, which has been shown to be good for partial(More)
Fractional derivative has a history as long as that of classical calculus, but it is much less popular than it should be. What is the physical meaning of fractional derivative? This is still an open problem. In modeling various memory phenomena, we observe that a memory process usually consists of two stages. One is short with permanent retention, and the(More)
A new approach is proposed for the design of perfect hash functions. The algorithms developed can be effectively applied to key sets of large size. The basic ideas employed in the construction are rehash and segmentation. Analytic results are given which are applicable when problem sizes are small. Extensive experiments have been performed to test the(More)