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Due to its rarity, cervical thymic cyst is seldom included in the differential diagnosis of a neck mass. Approximately 80 cases have been reported thus far, and most of these cases have occurred asymptomatically in children and adults. Only 5 cases have involved patients younger than 1 year of age. The authors report four new patients with thymic cyst in(More)
We report the clinical and pathologic findings of two patients with sporadic visceral myopathy. Both presented with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction that necessitated colectomy. Microscopically, typical changes of primary visceral myopathy were present, including variable fibrous replacement of the muscularis externa and vacuolar degeneration of(More)
Many techniques have been developed for medialization of the paralyzed vocal fold. The purpose of this study is to evaluate autologous fat as an alternative to alloplastic substances for use in vocal fold medialization. Eight dogs underwent left recurrent laryngeal nerve sectioning. Autologous fat was harvested, and the paralyzed vocal fold was medialized(More)
Pulmonary hamartomas most often present as solitary coin lesions of the lung. Less frequently, they can present as cystic lesions in the pulmonary parenchyma. We describe a case of a cystic pulmonary hamartoma presenting as an inflatable neck mass. The lesion was successfully treated by surgical excision using a stated transcervical and thoracotomy(More)
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