M W De Vouge

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Alternaria alternata is recognized as an important source of fungal aeroallergens. Alt a 1, the major allergen of this mold, is a dimer of disulfide-linked subunits that migrate in SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions at apparent M(r)s of 14,500 and 16,000. IgE antibodies to this protein are present in the sera of >90% of A. alternata-sensitive individuals.(More)
BACKGROUND Extracts of Cladosporium herbarum, a major source of fungal aeroallergens, exhibit a complex profile of IgE-binding proteins. Yields of conventionally purified allergens from this mold have been insufficient to permit further molecular analyses. OBJECTIVE To enhance and simplify the purification of allergens from C. herbarum, we have sought to(More)
Using immunoprecipitation and tryptic peptide microsequencing we confirmed the identity of normal rat kidney (NRK) cell-secreted 69-kDa major phosphoprotein as osteopontin (OP). We then immunoselected a 1.4-kilobase pair (kb) OP cDNA from a lambda gt11 library prepared from Kirsten sarcoma virus-transformed NRK (KNRK) cellular mRNA, using rabbit anti-69-kDa(More)
Induction of an invasive phenotype by metastatic tumour cells results in part from inappropriate expression of extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes normally involved in embryonic morphogenesis, tissue remodelling, angiogenesis and wound healing. Such enzymes include endoglycosidases that degrade heparan sulfate (HS) in endothelial basement membrane, as(More)
We studied the effects of simultaneous treatment with 0.1 mM N6, O2'-dibutyryl cAMP (dbcAMP) and 1 mM theophylline on several transformation-specific properties and on levels of the Kirsten murine sarcoma virus (Ki-MSV) transforming gene product p21v-Ki-ras, in a Ki-MSV-transformed mouse cell line (Balb/c-3T3, clone A31; KA31). The rate of logarithmic(More)
A 20mer peptide representing the N-terminus of a major allergen, Alt a I, of Alternaria alternata was synthesized and examined for its antibody binding and antibody induction activities. Alt a I peptide-BSA conjugate reacted with both human IgE and rabbit anti-Alt a I IgG in ELISA, albeit the binding of the peptide to IgE was relatively weak. Control(More)
v-K-ras transformants of normal rat kidney cells (KNRK) exhibit cell surface-related, transformation-specific properties, including cell-surface fibronectin depletion, induction of anchorage- and density-independent growth, and increased synthesis of transforming growth factors alpha and beta. To search for potential distal effectors of v-K-ras-mediated(More)
Exposure to the hyphomycete Alternaria alternata is recognized as an important risk factor for asthma. IgE immunoblotting has been used to catalogue the number and Mr of allergens in A. alternata extracts, with estimates ranging from 10 to 30, although few are present in nearly all extracts studied. Several A. alternata allergens have been cloned, including(More)
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