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Water hydraulic systems use water instead of oil as a pressure medium. Microbial growth in the system may restrict the applicability this technology. The effects of fluid-flow velocity and water quality on microbial growth and biofilm formation were studied with a pilot-scale water hydraulic system. The fluid-flow velocities were 1.5-5.2 m/s and the(More)
The effects of high and fluctuating pressure up to 220 bar on microbial growth and activity were determined in a pilot-scale water hydraulic system. An increase in the pipeline pressure from 70 to 220 bar decreased the total and the viable cell number in the pressure medium from 2.2(+/-0.5)x10(5) to 4.9(+/-1.5)x10(4) cells/ml and from 5.7(+/-2.8)x10(4) to(More)
TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Master's Degree Programme in Machine Automation CABRERA, RIGOBERTO: Application of an industrial robot in master-slave teleoperation with haptic interface. The implementation of a master-slave teleoperation system as a technique to perform complex tasks in hazardous environments has been in use for several decades. The(More)
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