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Emerging evidence suggests that cancers arise in stem/progenitor cells. Yet, the requirements for transformation of these primitive cells remains poorly understood. In this study, we have exploited the ‘mammosphere’ system that selects for primitive mammary stem/progenitor cells to explore their potential and requirements for transformation. Introduction of(More)
In the present study, an attempt was made to measure contamination of soil around four large coal-based Thermal Power Plants. The concentration of Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic and Nickel was estimated in all four directions from Thermal Power Plants. The soil in the study area was found to be contaminated to varying degrees from coal combustion byproducts. The(More)
This paper presents an off-line (finite time interval) and on-line learning direct adaptive neural controller for an unstable helicopter. The neural controller is designed to track pitch rate command signal generated using the reference model. A helicopter having a soft inplane four-bladed hingeless main rotor and a four-bladed tail rotor with conventional(More)
The social insect metaphor for solving problems has become an emerging topic in the recent years. This approach emphasizes on direct or indirect interactions among simple agents. Swarm Intelligence is the collective behavior of decentralized [8], self-organized [4] system whereby the collective behavior of agent interacting locally with the environment(More)
Generally in speed control loop PI controller is used in order to obtain closed loop control performance for the drive. When the load is suddenly applied on the machine under steady state operating condition of the machine, there is sudden dip in the speed. If the load is high then this dip may be large. Conventional PI controller can't eliminate the dip in(More)
Purpose – This paper seeks to present a feedback error learning neuro-controller for an unstable research helicopter. Design/methodology/approach – Three neural-aided flight controllers are designed to satisfy the ADS-33 handling qualities specifications in pitch, roll and yaw axes. The proposed controller scheme is based on feedback error learning strategy(More)
The complexity of helicopter flight dynamics makes modeling and helicopter system identification a very difficult task. Most of the traditional techniques require a model structure to be defined a priori and in case of helicopter dynamics, this is difficult due to its complexity and the interplay between various subsystems. To overcome this difficulty,(More)
BACKGROUND The cornerstones of successful treatment of hepatoblastoma (HB) include preoperative chemotherapy followed by complete anatomical resection of tumor, followed by chemotherapy. Advances in chemotherapy in the last 2 decades have been associated with a higher rate of tumor response and possibly a greater potential for resectability. AIMS We(More)
In this paper, identification of lateral and longitudinal dynamics of helicopter using flight data is presented. Neural networks with linear filter also known as Narendra's model and recurrent neural networks with intemal memory (Memory Neuron Networks) are used for the purpose. These networks are used for identifying the rate and attitude response of the(More)
The paper presents a comparative study of audio compression using multiple transformation techniques. Audio compression with different transform techniques like Discrete Cosine Transform, Wavelet Transform, Wavelet Packet Transform (W. P. T) & Cosine Packet Transform is analyzed and compression ratio for each of the transformation techniques is obtained.(More)
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