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Human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common virus groups affecting the skin and mucosal areas of the body in the world today. It is also a known fact that HPV causes many lesions in the oral cavity. The most common conditions induced by oral HPV infection are usually benign-like oral papillomas, oral condylomas, and focal epithelial hyperplasia.(More)
Many oral lesions may need to be diagnosed by removing a sample of tissue from the oral cavity. Biopsy is widely used in the medical field, but the practice is not quite widespread in dental practice. As oral pathologists, we have found many artifacts in the tissue specimen because of poor biopsy technique or handling, which has led to diagnostic pitfalls(More)
Determination of antibody titres of sera collected from poultry flock to diagnose IBDV infected chickens by developing single serum working dilution ELISA (SSD-ELISA) was made. The indirect ELISA standard procedure was adopted with standard positive and negative serum controls. The standard IBDV antigen was prepared using the Tamil Nadu isolate of IBDV. The(More)
  • M. Vidhya
  • 2013
Support Vector Machine, a powerful data mining technique is used for the classification of attacks. SVM is implemented using WEKA tool in which the Radial Basis Function proves to be an efficient Kernel for the classification of portscan attacks. KDD'99 dataset consisting of portscan and normal traces termed as mixed traffic is given as input to SVM in two(More)
This article presents a case report of radicular cyst associated with an endodontically treated deciduous second molar causing displacement of the permanent successor, with accompanying buccal expansion. Cystic sac was removed surgically along with the involved tooth under general anesthesia. Healing was uneventful. Histopathologically the cystic sac was(More)