M. Victor Wickerhauser

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Adapted waveform analysis uses a library of orthonormal bases and an efficiency functional to match a basis to a given signal or family of signals. It permits efficient compression of a variety of signals such as sound and images. The predefined libraries of modulated waveforms include orthogonal wavelet-packets, and localized trigonometric functions, have(More)
Une base orthonormale de L 2 (R), dont les el ements sont bien localis es dans l'espace de phase et leurs supports adapt es a toute partition sym etrique de l'espace des fr equences, s erie I, C. R. A modiied Haar system and higher order spline systems on R n as unconditional bases for Hardy spaces, Conference inharmonic analysis in honor of Antoni Zygmund(More)
Compact Disc players have been on the market in more than two decades. As a consequence most of the control servo problems have been solved. A large remaining problem to solve is the handling of Compact Discs with severe surface defects like scratches and fingerprints. This paper introduces a method for making the design of controllers handling surface(More)
Wavelet-based signal processing has become commonplace in the signal processing community over the past decade and wavelet-based software tools and integrated circuits are now commercially available. One of the most important applications of wavelets is in removal of noise from signals, called denoising, accomplished by thresholding wavelet coefficients in(More)
Compact Disc players have problems playing discs with surface defects such as scratches and finger prints. The problem is that handling normal disturbances such as mechanical shocks etc, require a high bandwidth of the controllers which keep the Optical Pick-Up focused and radial tracked on the information track on the disc. In order for the controllers to(More)