M. Vaughan Johnson

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Like their human counterparts in the real world, interactive characters will soon play helpful roles, enabling customers of Web enterprises to do the things they go to Web sites to do. They will make it easy for people to interact with them through natural forms of conversation and gesture. They will add interest and warmth to the online experience through(More)
The present research investigated young children's automatic encoding of two social categories that are highly relevant to adults: gender and race. Three- to 6-year-old participants learned facts about unfamiliar target children who varied in either gender or race and were asked to remember which facts went with which targets. When participants made(More)
The BBl blackboard control architecture has been proposed to enable systems to integrate diverse reasoning methods to control their own actions. Previous work has shown BBl’s ability to integrate hierarchical planning and opportunistic focusing. We show how it can integrate goal-directed reasoning as well and demonstrate these capabilities in the PROTEAN(More)
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