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Glucose-U-14C-activity added to the incubation medium of isolated human fat cells was studied for its conversion to CO2 and its incorporation into fat cell triglyceride. In view of the wide scatter of the figures found under basal conditions as well as in the presence of 100 muU/ml of insulin, the correlations of fat cell glucose metabolism to ponderal(More)
Insulin secretion has been studied after an oral glucose load in 81 patients with primary hyperlipoproteinaemia and 15 control sugjects. Glucose tolerance was reduced mainly in Type IV, and to a lesser extent in Type IIB hyperlipoproteinaemia. Insulin secretory response to glucose was reduced in Type V and heterogeneous in Type IV hyperlipoproteinaemia. No(More)
The cell surface molecules controlling apoptosis in cortical neurons are largely unknown. A monoclonal antibody was derived that induces cultured neocortical neurons to undergo apoptosis. A Fab fragment of the antibody, however, lacked the ability to induce cell death. The antigen was purified, and characterized by compositional analysis, fast atom(More)
Eighteen adult diabetic patients were treated with methandrostenolone in daily doses of 15 mg for 3 weeks. Serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels and lipoprotein lipase activity were determined before and after treatment. In patients with intense hypertriglyceridaemia, triglyceride concentration decreased and, with the exception of a single patient,(More)
The normal thyroxine level in tears was found to be two orders of magnitude lower than in serum. In thyroxine function tests, keratoconus patients were found to be hypothyreotic, euthyreotic or hyperthyreotic. However, independently of their thyroid function, the tear thyroxine levels of keratoconus patients were 2-50 times higher than that of subjects free(More)