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DNA biosensor can serve as a powerfull tool for simple in vitro tests of chemical toxicity. In this paper, damage to DNA attached to the surface of screen-printed carbon electrode by arsenic compounds in solution is described. Using the Co(III) complex with 1,10-phenanthroline, [Co(phen) 3 ] 3+ , as an electrochemical DNA marker and the Ru(II) complex with(More)
In living organisms both chemical agents and physical factors [16] may produce neurophysiological change that affects EEG activity. EEG signals are very suitable for non-invasive measurement of CNS reactions, but quite complicated equipment is necessary for measurement and analysis. We have implemented a system that permits the study of EEG changes both in(More)
Some examples of the use of the principal component model for the economic description of the structure of the multiple time series and for the data reduction in the quantitative EEG studies are presented. The broad-band EEG frequency spectra were measured with the use of an electronic system designed by J. Dvorák. The EEG spectral power densities were(More)
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