M Valdiserri

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Previous research has shown that elderly adults have difficulty recalling the source of recently acquired facts but does not indicate whether source memory is more impaired than fact memory. This study examined old and young subjects' memory for novel facts that had been read to them by 1 of 2 experimental sources either in a random order or in a blocked(More)
Two experiments examined effects of aging on implicit and explicit memory for novel visual objects. Implicit memory was assessed with an object decision task in which subjects indicated whether briefly exposed drawings represented structurally possible or impossible objects. Explicit memory was assessed with a yes-no recognition task. On the object decision(More)
Previous research has established that elderly adults can exhibit impaired memory for the source of newly acquired facts even when levels of fact recall in old and young do not differ. However, source memory impairments have been observed only under conditions of many-to-1 mapping: A large number of facts are related to either of 2 sources. It is thus(More)
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