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The white crane is a common migrating bird of the Aldan Plateau, with 100 to 200 individuals being visually recorded each season (up to 5% of population). The active passage is observed from May 14-15 to May 25-28, especially in the first days. The main part of the cranes migrating in spring takes north-north-east direction.
The left Indigirka riverside in Yakutia is the western periphery of the habitat of the lesser sandhill crane. The size of its population, time budget, and use of territory during the nesting season were studied in the period from 1998 to 2007. The density of population of this species is much lower here than in the northwest of Chukotka and in Alaska, which(More)
The structure of the distribution range and population of the Siberian crane in its regular breeding area in the northeastern Yakutian tundra are described, as well as the migration terms, intensity, routes, and stopover sites. The territorial pairs (71.7–97.1% of the summer population), which in 2006 were represented by the birds at ages of 8 to 21 years(More)
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