M V Velikaia

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A stimulating effect of methylethyl(silatrane-I-ilmethyl)-sulphonium iodides, 1-(ethoxy)silatranes and 1-(chloromethyl)silatrane on the processes of rat test acetate ulcer healing is studied. Silatranes efficiency is not inferior to oxyferriscorbone and exceeds that of methacil. It is shown that all preparations inhibit the processes of lipids peroxidation(More)
The stimulatory action of Bacillus mucilaginosus exopolysaccharide on proliferative processes in experimental gastric ulcer healing. With the drug, the levels of collagen, noncollagen proteins, glycosaminoglycans, DNA, and RNA in the ulcer tissue.
A total of 25 patients suffering from infective allergic bronchial asthma underwent extracorporeal connection of the donor's spleen (ECCDS). Before ECCDS was made the health status was unstable in all the patients, with asphyxia attacks occurring fairly often, namely up to 12 times a day. Nine patients received the maintenance therapy with steroid hormones.(More)
The data obtained showed that the polysaccharide diminished the blood levels of cholesterol, beta-lipoproteins, and triglycerides, the concentrations of cholesterol in the liver and thoracic aorta in experimental atherosclerosis. It is concluded that the polysaccharide is promising in designing a new anti-atherosclerotic drug.
Twenty patients suffering from severe systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) underwent 52 sessions of splenoperfusion (SP) by means of extracorporeal perfusion of the patient's blood through isolated porcine spleen. It got prepared directly before the perfusion. The organ was obtained from a healthy animal in sterile conditions, washed from the blood after(More)
Changes of unit activity in different nuclei of the posterior hypothalamus induced by intravenous oxytocin injections were studied in acute experiments on Wistar rats anaesthetized with nembutal. Influence of nonapeptide was dose-dependent. Latencies of various neuronal reactions were different. Mechanisms of oxytocin regulation of neuronal activity in the(More)
Long-term sexual conflict situation induced changes in main statistical parameters of firing rate in the hippocampus, amygdala and septum both in intact rats and in those under stress. The latter were shown to reveal an increased number of the neurons with polymodal distribution of interspike intervals in all the structures under study.
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