M. V. Vaidya

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Low serum vitamin B(12) (V B(12)) and hyperhomocysteinemia have been reported in asymptomatic Asian Indian men. We studied the prevalence of V B(12) deficiency and hyperhomocysteinemia in 51 asymptomatic toddlers, from Pune, India. V B(12) levels were low and total serum homocysteine was high in 14% and homocysteine levels were significantly higher in boys.(More)
OBJECTIVE Of this pilot study was to assess the iron status and dietary intake of 1-3 year-old apparently healthy toddlers of the lower socio-economic class, and the effect of eight weeks intervention with liquid oral iron in an urban slum in Pune, India. METHODS 50 toddlers (M= 25, F= 25) with mean age of 2.4 years (SD 0.82) were evaluated.(More)
We investigated to what degree and at what rate the ultimate intrinsic (UI) signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) may be approached using finite radiofrequency detector arrays. We used full-wave electromagnetic field simulations based on dyadic Green's functions to compare the SNR of arrays of loops surrounding a uniform sphere with the ultimate intrinsic SNR(More)
PURPOSE We investigated global specific absorption rate (SAR) and radiofrequency (RF) power requirements in parallel transmission as the distance between the transmit coils and the sample was increased. METHODS We calculated ultimate intrinsic SAR (UISAR), which depends on object geometry and electrical properties but not on coil design, and we used it as(More)
In high field MRI, the spatial distribution of the radiofrequency magnetic ( B1) field is usually affected by the presence of the sample. For hardware design and to aid interpretation of experimental results, it is important both to anticipate and to accurately simulate the behavior of these fields. Fields generated by a radiofrequency surface coil were(More)
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