M. V. Sreeraj

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become one of the most attractive and important applications running and also one of the most emerging technologies in today's world. Different techniques have been proposed to reduce the packet loss and recover the lost audio data packets during the transmission in the network. In VoIP, Stream Control Transmission(More)
VoIP is an emerging technology, where the voice information is transmitted through the Internet. This technology is very useful but at the same time very challenging due to its susceptibility to various network variations. The VoIP packet transmission can get degraded easily and thus resulting in the packet loss, which in turn degrades network performance.(More)
Latency and loss of Packets will effectively degrade the quality of data that is transmitted through packet networks. Data travelling from sender to the receiver may incur from delay variation, and may arrive out of order or even may be lost. To reduce the delay variation, jitter buffers are used at the receiver side in packet based transmitted systems. The(More)
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