M. V. Ramakrishna

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Hashing is critical for high performance computer architecture. Hashing is used extensively in hardware applications, such as page tables, for address translation. Bit extraction and exclusive ORing hashing “methods” are two commonly used hashing functions for hardware applications. There is no study of the performance of these functions and no mention(More)
The image data as well as the nature of querying image data is fuzzy. Users like to retrieve images based on similarity rather than exact matching. Often, the users are able to provide only partial information while posing queries. As a consequence, the query languages of traditional databases which deal with precise data are inappropriate for querying(More)
Token based security (ID Cards) have been used to restrict access to the Secured systems. The purpose of Biometrics is to identify / verify the correctness of an individual by using certain physiological or behavioural traits associated with the person. Current biometric systems make use of face, fingerprints, iris, hand geometry, retina, signature, palm(More)
Much of the literature on hashing deals with overflow handling (collision resolution) techniques and its analysis. What does all the analytical results mean in practice and how can they be achieved with practical files? This paper considers the problem of achieving analytical performance of hashing techniques in practice with reference to successful search(More)