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The processes taking place at the partioning boundaries of a marine ecosystem are still rather obscure. At a permanent research station, water (in winter, ice) samples were taken throughout the year from 6 different depths, and 16 variables related to productivity and hydrochemistry were determined. Transparent and black-walled bell jars were installed on(More)
The contents of ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, and silicates were measured in pore waters of subtidal sands in Vostok Bay, the Sea of Japan. The exchange of nutrients between sand and pore waters was studied in the laboratory using a running-water system while percolating the ground with seawater. The composition of pore waters depended on the(More)
Major processes of the nitrogen cycle (i.e., nitrogen fixation, denitrification, ammonia mineralization and nitrification) were investigated in coastal sediments of several Seychelles Islands. Sediments were represented by carbonate sands, except in Victoria Harbor where they were carbonate silt. Nitrogen fixation was measured by acetylene reduction assay,(More)
Sand sediments are widely distributed in the shelf zone of the World Ocean. The main physical and ecological peculiarity of marine sands is the mobility of pore waters and their mixing with the near-bottom waters of the sea. The mixing is closely related to turbulent processes in the water column; the most important of these processes is wave mixing. This(More)
In male rats with various forms of alloxan diabetes ("prediabetes", latent and manifest diabetes) there was revealed an increase in noradrenaline level in the anterior and the medial-basal hypothalamus. A rise of dophamine content was noted in the hypothalamus of these animals. Serotonin level fell in all the parts of the hypothalamus of males with(More)
In female rats with normal estrous cycle, in the proestrus phase, a significant decrease of the serotonine level was revealed in the anterior and medio-basal parts of the hypothalamus which coincided with ascent of the releasing factor for gonadotropic hormones in the hypothalamus and for gonadotropins in the hypophysis. The dophamine level in the(More)