M. V. Nagendraprasad

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Financial enterprises rely heavily on paper-based documents to conduct various operations; this is true both for external operations involving customers and other financial institutions, as well as internal operations involving various departments. Researchers at MIT have looked at the possibility of taking information directly from paper documents,(More)
Self-organization for eecient distributed search control has received much attention previously but the work presented in this paper represents one of the few attempts at demonstrating its viability and utility in an agent-based system involving complex interactions within the agent set. We discuss experiments with a heterogeneous multi-agent parametric(More)
To my mother D. Vimala and my father V. Lakshmana Reddy ACKNOWLEDGMENTS When I came to UMass, I never heard about Distributed AI. I am deeply indebted to my guru, Victor Lesser for molding a Distributed AI researcher out of clay. The intellectual excitement during my collaboration with him is a 'high' that will last me a life time. I use the word " guru "(More)
Overview With the proliferation of electronically available information, an additional burden has been placed on the implementors of information gathering systems. The set of data that represents the best response to a user's query may be the aggregation of data acquired from distributed, heterogeneous information sources. We have begun a project to build a(More)
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