M. V. McCotter

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Despite the complexity and diversity of natural scenes, humans are very fast and accurate at identifying basic-level scene categories. In this paper we develop a new technique (based on Bubbles, Gosselin & Schyns, 2001a; Schyns, Bonnar, & Gosselin, 2002) to determine some of the information requirements of basic-level scene categorizations. Using 2400(More)
Research has shown that auditory speech recognition is influenced by the appearance of a talker's face, but the actual nature of this visual information has yet to be established. Here, we report three experiments that investigated visual and audiovisual speech recognition using color, gray-scale, and point-light talking faces (which allowed comparison with(More)
We conducted four experiments to investigate the role of colour and luminance information in visual and audiovisual speech perception. In experiments 1a (stimuli presented in quiet conditions) and 1b (stimuli presented in auditory noise), face display types comprised naturalistic colour (NC), grey-scale (GS), and luminance inverted (LI) faces. In(More)
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