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Surface density of self-organized InAs quantum dots in a GaAs matrix was correlated to MBE growth conditions. Surface density as low as 2*10 9 cm-2 was achieved. A number of devices that exploit quantum dots (QD) is currently growing extremely fast. For certain applications some specific properties of QD array are of most importance. There is therefore a(More)
UNLABELLED Ultrasmall microring and microdisk lasers with an asymmetric air/GaAs/Al0.98Ga0.02As waveguide and an active region based on InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting around 1.3 μm were fabricated and studied. The diameter D of the microrings and microdisks was either 2 or 1.5 μm, and the inner diameter d of the microrings varied from 20% to 70% of(More)
Optically pumped InAs quantum dot microdisk lasers with grooves etched on their surface by a focused ion beam are studied. It is shown that the radial grooves, depending on their length, suppress the lasing of specific radial modes of the microdisk. Total suppression of all radial modes, except for the fundamental radial one, is also demonstrated. The(More)
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