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PURPOSE To determine prospectively the maximal tolerated dose and potential antitumor activity of weekly paclitaxel with concurrent hyperfractionated radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced and/or unresectable pancreatic cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS We embarked on Phase I-II study of hyperfractionated radiotherapy using a concomitant in-field(More)
The mitochondrial cytopathies are genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous group of disorders caused by structural and functional abnormalities in mitochondria. To the best of our knowledge, there are very few studies published from India till date. Selected and confirmed fourteen cases of neurological mitochondrial cytopathies with different clinical(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the efficacy and side effects profile of Clobazam in a 24-week open-labelled trial involving 26 cases of drug naïve adult patients with epilepsy. METHODS The study was an open labelled unicentre trial in which only drug naïve cases with epilepsy were included. A total of 26 cases were recruited. One case was dropped because he did(More)
OBJECTIVES Hoffa fractures represent coronal fractures of the femoral condyles. Isolated Hoffa fractures are rare and current management of these fractures is based on a few descriptions in literature. The goal of the study was to prospectively analyse the clinico-radiological and functional outcome following open surgical treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Bilateral vocal cord paralysis is uncommon. Most cases occur secondary to trauma, malignancy, surgery, or intubation. Also, it was reported as a side effect of Vinca alkaloids. METHODS We report a patient with small cell lung cancer who developed bilateral vocal cord paralysis and needed to be intubated after treatment with cisplatin and(More)
METHODS Studies using transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) suggest aortic atherosclerosis may be a risk factor for stroke, particularly stroke of undetermined mechanism, but controls in prior studies were not balanced for vascular risk factors. We used TEE to evaluate aortic atherosclerosis in 60 patients with stroke compared with a high-risk control(More)