M V Kostianko

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To define of possible mechanism of monoclonal antibody B2 interaction with haptens and peptide-mimotope of benzo[a]pyrene Fab-fragment structure was modeled. Antibody active centre structure was defined using docking with a number of different polyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. It was shown that active center of monoclonal antibody B2 composed of two binding(More)
The study was undertaken to optimize the well known immunoassay of antibodies to chemical carcinogens, designed by J. Chagnaud et al., and examine the specific features of the generation of antibodies (Ab) to benzo[a]pyrene (BP) in patients with lung cancer. Ninety-two serum samples from healthy males and 80 samples from patients with lung cancer were(More)
The study revealed high levels of antibodies class A and G to benzopyrene and antibodies class G to estradiol and progesterone in women with pathology of fetus development. The most informative indicators of high risk of development of reproductive pathology are established The recommendations concerning the application of antibodies to benzopyrene,(More)
A novel approach to discovery of the peptide with an internal immunological image of carcinogen is suggested in this work. The hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies (mAb) B2 against benzo[a]pyrene and benz[a]antracene were prepared. Polyclonal Ab against benzo[a]pyrene (Bp) and benz[a]antracene (Ba), antracene, chrysene, and pyrene were also prepared.(More)
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