M . V . Ganeswara Rao

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w w w . i j e c t . o r g Abstract This paper presents a simple and effective way to remove impulse noise from digital images in two stages. The first stage is to detect the impulse noise in the image. In this stage, based on only the intensity values, the pixels are roughly divided into two classes, which are “noise-free pixel” and “noise pixel”. Then, the(More)
There is a great need of developing efficient content based image retrieval systems because of the availability of large image databases. A new image retrieval system CTDCIRS (color-texture and dominant color based image retrieval system) to retrieve the images using three features called dynamic dominant color (DDC), Motif co-occurrence matrix (MCM) and(More)
Information theoretical learning (ITL) is a signal processing technique that goes far beyond the traditional techniques based on second order statistics which highly relies on the linearity and Gaussinarity assumptions. Information potential (IP) and symmetric information potential (SIP) are very important concepts in ITL used for system adaptation and data(More)
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