M V Cheliapina

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Bioelectrical (EEG) and hemodynamic (fMRI) responses of cerebral reactions to active and passive movements by the right hand were analyzed in 17 right-handed healthy persons. Individual and averaged fMRI and EEG data was analyzed. The main cortex fMRI responses (sensorimotor cortex of the contralateral, left hemisphere) were topographically similar during(More)
It was carried out a complex clinical-neurological and electroencephalographic study of 12 patients with consequences of severe traumatic brain injury with changes in consciousness, motor deficit, higher tonus of voluntary muscles and cognitive disorders. The study was conducted before, during and after treatment with amantadine sulfate. There were(More)
This paper analyzes the variation of the functional anatomy of the brain in healthy people performing identical activities on the basis of functional magneticresonance imaging (fMRI). According to the authors, this approach allows you to showcase a variety of individual strategies to achieve the same external (behavioral) result intracerebral different(More)
Bioelectrical (EEG) and hemodynamic (fMRI-response) cerebral reactions to performance and imaginary motor tasks by right or left hand were analyzed in 15 right-handed healthy persons (21-39 years old). During actual movement the main fMRI-response was registered in the area of central gyrus of the hemisphere contralateral to the working hand. Areas of(More)
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