M. V. Basaveswara Rao

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A methanol extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaf and callus showed anti-diabetic activities through regenerating β-cells. Optimum callus was developed under stress conditions of blue light with 2,4-D (1.5 mg/l) and KN (0.5 mg/l), which induced maximum biomass of green compact callus at 45 days, as determined by growth curve analysis. Leaf and optimum callus(More)
The anti-diabetic drugs from plants in current clinical use and their similar mechanism of action of herbal components are preferred mainly due to lesser side effects and low cost. So many medicinal plants with anti-diabetic activity related beneficial effects and of herbal drugs used in diabetes is pressurized. The present review focused on the some of the(More)
Aerobic, Gram positive, catalase positive and non-spore forming bacilli, which are morphologically similar to Corynebacterium diphtheriae are described as either diphtheroids or coryneform bacteria, resembling C diphtheriae. Corynebacteria are a group of bacteria placed under the family corynebacteriaceae, which come under the phylum, Actinobacteria. Among(More)
The role of antioxidants, which are thought to scavenge the oxygen-free radicals in plants exposed to relatively low concentrations of ambient air pollutants for long durations, was studied for a year. Increases were observed in superoxide dismutase peroxidase activity, sulphate and leaf area to dry weight ratio, and decreases in stomatal conductance,(More)
Suspension system design plays an important role in improving passenger comfort and road holding capabilities of an automobile. There is a compromise between the road holding and ride comfort. While Ride comfort is directly related to the acceleration sensed by passengers when traveling on a rough road, road holding ability is associated with the contact(More)
A new sensitive, specific, precise and accurate RP-HPLC method has been developed and validated for rapid assay of doxazosin in human plasma and pharmaceutical formulations. Isocratic elution at a flow rate of 1.5 ml/min was employed on Chromosil C18 (250 mm ́ 4.6 mm, 5 μm) column at ambient temperature. The mobile phase consisted of(More)
Specific host-pathogen relationship is used to derive genetic information for resistance in commercial cultivars. Twenty-two cultivars were classified into 12 groups based on their reactions to 13 leaf rust (Puccinia recondita) races of India. The cultivars in each group were matched with the Lr gene carrying lines to see which genes they might possess.(More)
A facile synthesis of bronchodilatory pyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazoline alkaloids by azidoreductive cyclization strategy employing TMSCl-NaI and bakers' yeast is described. Both the chemical and enzymatic methods are mild and take place at room temperature in good yields. Further, synthesis and resolution of vasicinone has been carried out by employing different(More)
The impact of SO(2) on superoxide dismutase (SOD) and the ascorbate-glutathione cycle was investigated in a tolerant (cv. Punjab-1) and a sensitive (cv. JS 7244) cultivar of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). In spite of SO(2) stimulated SOD activities in both the cultivars, only cv. JS 7244 has significantly enhanced Malondialdehyde (MDA) contents. This(More)