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Vision is a vital cue for human navigation. Thus, visually impaired people encounter many challenges in day-today travelling. Identifying and avoiding obstacles in the environment is the most crucial among them. To empower blind navigation, numerous electronic travel aids were created in the past few decades, by using various obstacle sensing technologies(More)
Brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke which is caused by an artery in the brain bursting and causing bleeding in the surrounded tissues. Diagnosing brain hemorrhage, which is mainly through the examination of a CT scan enables the accurate prediction of disease and the extraction of reliable and robust measurement for patients in order to describe the(More)
Flower-N is a flowering stimulant composition with 22% nitrobenzene. The main systemic effect associated with human exposure to nitrobenzene is methaemoglobinaemia. A 25-year-old female presented after 3 hours following ingestion of 100 ml of 22% Nitrobenzene (Flower-N). Her initial methaemoglobin (MetHb) was 81%; this responded to methylene blue. However,(More)
Seizure prediction has become a major field of neurological research, because of the suggestion of recent research that electrophysiological changes develop minutes to hours, before the actual clinical onset in focal epileptic seizures. This paper describes a novel approach for forecasting focal epileptic seizures, by applying statistical analysis methods(More)
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