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The aim of this study was to investigate the performance of an Olympic-Weightlifting session training at three times of the day on the performance related to biochemical responses. Nine weightlifters (21 ± 0.5 years) performed, in randomised order, on three Olympic-Weightlifting training (snatch, clean and jerk) sessions (08:00 a.m., 02:00 p. m., 06:00 p.(More)
We propose in this paper a. new adaptive algorithm which is designed to track system represented by a filter which has a P order markovian timo evolution. The Non Stationary LMS (NSLMS) algorithm is aide to identify the unknown order and parameters of the markov model. Ananalysis of the performances of the adaptive filter when the input is i.i.d. shows that(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of natural Pomegranate juice supplementation on performance and acute and delayed responses of muscle soreness and biomarkers of muscle damage after a weightlifting training session. METHODS Nine elite weightlifters (21±0.5 years) performed two Olympic-Weightlifting-sessions after either placebo(More)
This paper deals with the problem of Distributed Estimation (DE) in binary Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Specifically, we propose to enhance the well-known Sign Of Innovation (SOI) based Extended Kalman Filter (SOI-EKF) [1] using the Unscented Transformation (UT) and iterative processing. The unscented transformation is especially used here to boost the(More)
Multiprocessor System on Chip (MPSoC) technology can present an interesting solution to reduce the computational time of complex applications. Execute the H.264/AVC encoder on MPSoC architecture, is becoming an interesting point of research that can mitigate its algorithmic complexity and to resolve the real time constraints. In this paper, we present an(More)
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