M. Trinidad Pérez - Palacios

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A method for improving the radiation pattern of end-fire tapered slot antennas (TSA) on thick substrate is presented. It is based on the reduction of the effective dielectric constant /spl epsi//sub eff/ by corrugating the taper contour by a series of short-circuited slotline stubs. The method has been applied to both 70-GHz TSA on low dielectric constant(More)
A simple and accurate liquid chromatographic method was developed to estimate cyproterone acetate (CA) in pharmaceuticals. The drug was chromatographed on a reversed-phase C18 column. Eluents were monitored at a wavelength of 254 nm utilizing a mixture (60:40) of acetonitrile and water. Solution concentrations were measured on a weight basis to avoid the(More)
headspace solid-phase microextraction of volatile and furanic compounds in coated fish sticks. The major goal was the analysis of the samples as consumed, to reproduce volatile compounds people feel when consuming those products. Extraction at 37 ºC (the human body temperature) throughout the HS-SPME analysis of volatile and furanic compounds in coated fish(More)
This paper describes AMIRAS, an airborne demonstrator of the Microwave Imaging Radiometer with Aperture Synthesis, which is the instrument onboard ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission. The main electrical, mechanical, thermal, and control elements of the demonstrator are shown, together with its capabilities and performances as demonstrator(More)
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