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J. Padrón2
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R. Delgado2
2J. Padrón
2L. Caveda
2L. Glaría
2R. Delgado
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  • S. J. Loyd, J. Sample, R. E. Tripati, W. F. Defliese, K. Brooks, M. Hovland +6 others
  • 2016
Methane cold seep systems typically exhibit extensive buildups of authigenic carbonate minerals, resulting from local increases in alkalinity driven by methane oxidation. Here, we demonstrate that modern seep authigenic carbonates exhibit anomalously low clumped isotope values (Δ47), as much as ∼0.2‰ lower than expected values. In modern seeps, this range(More)
We show that the patterns of luminance in some impassioned van Gogh paintings display the mathematical structure of fluid turbulence. Specifically, we show that the probability distribution function (PDF) of luminance fluctuations of points (pixels) separated by a distance R compares notably well with the PDF of the velocity differences in a turbulent flow,(More)
The role of the L-arginine-nitric oxide metabolic pathway was explored for interleukin-2-induced proliferation in the cytotoxic T lymphocyte clone CTLL-2. Specific inhibition of nitric oxide synthase significantly diminished, in a concentration-dependent manner, (3)H-thymidine uptake of CTLL-2 cells in response to different concentrations of interleukin 2.(More)
Lobenzarit disodtulIl (CCA) is a novel immunomodulatory drug useful in the treatment of chronic inflammations. Its principal mechanism of action seems to be through enhancing the T suppressor/T helper lymphocyte ratio. However, the molecular basis for these actions remains unclear. In this study it was found that CCA inhibits the production of guanosine(More)
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