M. Torki Nejad

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PURPOSE Surgical management of superior oblique palsy (SOP) is challenging because of combined vertical, horizontal, and torsional misalignment. The authors report the surgical results of patients with large primary position hypertropias (> 20 prism diopters [PD]) due to unilateral SOP. METHODS Criteria for success included correction of the anomalous(More)
PURPOSE To compare the compliance and capacity of 7 fluidics modules used by 6 phacoemulsifiers from 3 manufacturers. SETTING Jules Stein Eye Institute, Los Angeles, California, USA. DESIGN Experimental study. METHODS Previous-model and current-model phacoemulsifiers from 3 manufacturers were subjected to laboratory analysis of compliance and(More)
Ductal lavage is a technique that samples the contents of breast ducts for research into the biology of breast cancer. Enthusiasm for this method has declined because of technical challenges associated with the procedure. These include: difficulty in duct cannulation, high levels of subject discomfort, and an inability to confirm perforation. As part of a(More)
BACKGROUND The human breast comprise several ductal systems, or lobes, which contain a small amount of fluid containing cells, hormones, proteins and metabolites. The complex physiology of these ducts is likely a contributing factor to the development of breast cancer, especially given that the vast majority of breast cancers begin in a single lobular unit.(More)
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