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Lipid biomarkers are now widely used to trace organic matter in the marine environment. Selected compounds and ratios can be used to identify sources or processes. However, in a study of a particularly contaminated area, the expected signatures were not found (Mudge and Seguel, Bol. Soc. Chil. Quím. 42 (1997) 5). This site has been re-examined to determine(More)
Honey is in short supply due to consumers’ increasing demand and bee diseases. It is therefore rapidly becoming an attractive target for adulteration with various sugar syrups. To guarantee honey’s authenticity, researchers are looking for novel testing methods that help beekeepers and honey processors to determine product quality and help regulators ensure(More)
Hydrophilic molecules or salts are not retained by the stationary phase so these species are removed from the sample. After washing steps to remove residual hydrophilic molecules and salts, the hydrophobic molecules of interest are eluted (recovered) from the stationary phase by a non-polar solvent. The usually volatile non-polar solvent evaporates from the(More)
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