M. Thomm

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The RNA polymerase of Methanococcus vannielii, in binary complex with two stable RNA operons, protects from exonuclease digestion the region from 32 bp upstream (-32) to 18 bp downstream (+18) of the transcription start site. Contained within this binding region, centered at -25, is an AT-rich sequence which is highly conserved upstream of 26 other(More)
Although Pyrococcus furiosus is one of the best studied hyperthermophilic archaea, to date no experimental investigation of the extent of protein secretion has been performed. We describe experimental verification of the extracellular proteome of P. furiosus grown on starch. LC–MS/MS-based analysis of culture supernatants led to the identification of 58(More)
Transcription initiation of the hisA gene in vivo in the archaebacterium Methanococcus vannielii, as determined by nuclease S1 and primer extension analyses, occurs 73 base pairs (bp) upstream of the translation initiation site. Binding of M. vannielii RNA polymerase protects 43 bp of DNA, from 35 bp upstream (-35) to 8 bp downstream (+8) of the hisA mRNA(More)
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