M. Thiyagarajan

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The Internet of Things enable the next wave of real life services in the physical world across many sectors. We are in the post PC era where all the PC are replaced by the handheld mobile devices. This paper presents a novel approach to collect the data from the devices using sensors and many case studies in which it can be applied. It also implements a(More)
Remote control of home appliances have been studied by various scholars using different technologies. Cost Matrix and the area of operation within the limitation of distances demand for new technology in the implementation of remote control home automation. IoT comes into play to use web services and their compatible android mobile technologies in this(More)
  • S. Karpagaselvi, M. Thiyagarajan, Morgan Kaufmmann, Martin Neil aposThe
  • 2012
In this study we investigate the use of Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN) for developing a practical framework for machine learning process incorporating the commonsense reasoning. Bayesian Belief Networks grant a systematic and localized method for structuring probabilistic information about a situation into coherent whole. Bayesian networks have been(More)
General VLSI Cell placement has gone through different versions depending upon the particular applications. The area under modern challenges of VLSI desgin throw light on Power minimization, Thermal capacity and Area occupation. Thus Utility function, Renewal reward and Hypergraph setup are utilized in our discussion. A brief review is given in this paper .(More)
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