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IPSec provides two types of security algorithms, symmetric encryption algorithms (e.g. Data Encryption Standard DES) for encryption, and one-way hash functions (e.g., Message Digest MD5 and Secured Hash Algorithm SHAl) for authentication. This paper presents performance analysis and comparisons between these algorithms in terms of time complexity and space(More)
UNLABELLED In order to examine the effect of different lactation weight losses of sows of different parity on subsequent reproductive performance, the present trial was performed in German (n = 4) and Slowakian (n = 11) indoor pig breeding units (n = 1677 sows evaluated). Weaning-to-service-intervals, farrowing rates and total-born litter sizes in sows with(More)
Because of the tremendous growth of the Internet, the existing network infrastructure is unable to handle the large volume of traffic flowing across it. Advances in the field of wireless communications have yielded Broadband Wireless Local Loop (B-WLL) as a solution to alleviate the problem of providing Internet access to a large number of users for the "(More)
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