M. Teresa Rivas

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OBJECTIVE To test treatment combining a beta-blocker plus topiramate in migraine patients previously resistant to the two medications in monotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Those patients who had not responded to a beta-blocker and topiramate received combined treatment. RESULTS Fifty-eight patients (47 women, age 25-76 years) received the combined(More)
This paper describes and evaluates the mortality associated with the potential stressor effect induced by application of artificial photoperiods in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). After application of artificial photoperiods, high mortalities of trout subjected to this management were recorded (36% in LD 14:10 and 25% in LD 24:0) as compared to(More)
INTRODUCTION Group C streptococci (GCS) are pathogens that often cause disease in domestic animals. However, infection in the human being is uncommon and generally occurs in those who are in contact with animals or who are immunocompromised. CASE REPORT A 30 year old woman, cocaine and cannabis abuser and in contact with horses was admitted to intensive(More)
A new procedure based on partition of the unity has been developed to construct spatial approximation-prediction functions for discrete density functions. This Partition of the Unity Procedure (PUP) provides a family of approximation-prediction functions which depends on several parameters. In order to find the best function we have considered error(More)
The closed model category of exterior spaces, that contains the proper category, is a useful tool for the study of non compact spaces and manifolds. The notion of exterior weak N-S-equivalences is given by exterior maps which induce isomorphisms on the k-th N-exterior homotopy groups π N k for k ∈ S, where S is a set of non negative integers. The category(More)
INTRODUCTION The efficacy of topiramate in the preventive treatment of migraine is well demonstrated. Clinical trials indicate that the dose of 100 mg/daily is the ideal in terms of efficacy, but doses as low as 50 mg/ daily show some efficacy, which could improve its tolerability in some patients. OBJECTIVE To analyse the behaviour of the different doses(More)
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