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1 The effects of the irreversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, AGN 1133, AGN 1135 and (-)-deprenyl, on tyramine and noradrenaline responses and uptake of [3H]-metaraminol were investigated in the isolated vas deferens of the rat. Uptake of [3H]-metaraminol and [3H]-octopamine was compared in mouse vas deferens. The modification of tyramine and(More)
1 The degree of selective monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibition produced by (-)-deprenyl, clorgyline, LY51641 and tranylcypromine was examined in relation to modification of tyramine and noradrenaline contractile responses of the rat isolated vas deferens. 2 All inhibitors possessed reversible alpha-adrenoceptor blocking activity, determined against(More)
The in vivo luminescence of an aldehyde-requiring mutant of the luminous bacteria Vibrio harveyi (M42) increases dramatically upon the addition of long-chain aliphatic aldehydes (C8-C16). The intensity of this luminescence is linearly related to aldehyde concentration. This property was utilized for the determination of monoamine oxidase activity using(More)
Deamination of n-octylamine and n-decylamine has been studied in various tissues using a new bioluminescence technique. Selectivity of n-octylamine and n-decylamine as substrates for monoamine oxidase (MAO) A or B has been determined using both clorgyline and (-)-deprenyl inhibition curves and kinetic parameters. Homogenates of rat brain, liver and heart(More)
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